Making advocacy deliver its full potential

I’m Nick Hicks, director of Commutateur. I work with individuals & small Pharma teams  to create trust based, responsible advocacy strategies which help clients achieve their business & corporate objectives by better serving unmet patient needs. I’m passionate that the best way to achieve these aims is to have two way engagement using on-going dialogue and collaboration with patient groups and disease advocates.

My clients recognize the value of advocacy but do not have the necessary resource to do it themselves or prefer to work through a third party to develop or sustain the ongoing relationship. Because I can handle the intricate relationship management side of the business this leaves clients  free to concentrate communicating on the wider challenges of ensuring decision makers understand the value of the service or treatment.

The company mission is to work with clients to facilitate alignment of advocacy with wider strategy so that it supports optimal patient care and  access. Together we work to build  the true in-depth advocacy based strategies necessary today for engaging with patient groups, policy makers, medcial / nursing societies &  researchers.

This is the expertise commutateur offers to a life science company.

  • Advocacy consulting and programme development
  • Advocacy training
  • Workshop and meeting facilitation


Patients are at the heart of all healthcare decisions, and key drivers of healthcare agendas. Informed patients with timely access to the best possible treatments and services produce success for all stakeholders – the patients themselves, their family and carers, employers, healthcare systems, governments, life science corporations and their shareholders. Patient advocacy is pivotal to producing this success and demands expert attention if the needs of all are to be best aligned. For life science corporations, expertly handled patient advocacy not only helps optimise access but promotes lasting professional reputations with external stakeholders.

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