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Successful patient outcomes are in everybody’s best interests;  click here for my latest personal review of what’s going on in getting the patient voice used and heard  in health care.


“The era of the patient centred outcomes is at hand. It is up to members of ISPOR and others in our health research community to ground their research in the patient perspective and forge treatments that are responsive to the specific needs and concerns of the many different patient groups internationally”. Volume 19 Number 6 November/December 2013 ISPOR Connections
“The patient perspective is a significant contributor in the HTA decision making process. Although all HTA agencies rely on patient information, significant differences exist in {five different European HTA models} methods of selection, input, impact and effort to support PAG input. No weighting exists on how PAG input is measured with respect to other data submissions and important differences were observed in the engagement of PAGs as part of the HTA assessment. More information is warranted on identifying how the PAG contribution is impacting decision making.“ ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress, Berlin, Germany, November 3-7, 2012. PHP154.
“There are few published examples of experiences involving patients and the public in HTA. These examples show that patients’ or the public’s perspectives could add important dimensions to the evaluation of health technologies. However, there is a need to develop more systematic approaches to considering patients’ and the public’s perspectives in HTA.” International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, Issue 01 / January 2011, pp 31-42

Recent publications and speaking

  • 2013 Lecturer European Market Access University Diploma – Advocacy in Market Access
  • 2014  Lecturer European Market Access University Diploma – Patient Groups at time of PhaseIII and pre-launch
  • 2012 Patient Input in European HTA ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress, Berlin, Germany, November 3-7, 2012. PHP160
  • 2013 An Approach For Quantification of Patient Advocacy Group Input In HTA ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress, Dublin, Ireland, November 2-6, 2013. PRM221
  • 2014 Present and Future Roles of Patient Advocacy Groups in Equitable Access, International Plasma Protein Congress, Vienna, Austria March 11th 12th
  • 2014 Quality and level of patient voice for assessing new medicines differs widely across Europe, ICCEC, Paris, France, April 22-24