I build strategic partnerships between Pharma and Patient Groups that help guide research & access decisions by focusing on common interests. Clients are those who want to  invest and leverage long term partnerships with the patient groups and bring the patient voice to the R & D table. Patient engagement is easy to say but difficult to do and not all patient groups are ready to engage in a meaningful way with Pharma. Slow initiative start up, difficulties in finding the right patients, mid project stalls and relationship management issues being some of the consequences. A capacity building approach creates a highly energized and motivated patient group who is capable of helping a company on areas of high shared concern. 

Supporting  pharmaceutical and life science companies who work to a “By Patients For Patients Model” my philosophy is simple:  the best way to achieve specific company aims for using the patient voice is to  design projects using a capacity building approach that helps the groups achieve their own objectives. They are then in a far better position to help companies achieve theirs. 

Clients recognize the value of advocacy but do not have the necessary resources to do it themselves or prefer to work through a third party to develop or sustain the ongoing strategic alliance.  Ideal clients are those who prefer to work with a single consultant or through a small group of experienced associates. I work with three senior consultants who can act as a sounding board, listening and learning from patient communities, in order to develop practical solutions that best meet shared objectives.

Nick Hicks
Nick Hicks Strasbourg_edited_edited.jpg
  • Established Commutateur in 2008

  • 10 years international in house  and 15 years agency experience

  • Solid, proven experience in advocacy and strategic communications

  • Experience in Diabetes,  Lupus, MS, Pain, Plasma Products, Pain, Renal and Wound Care

  • Lecturer on the University of Marseilles European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD) since 2012

Amy Whereat-Terdjman
  • 20 years experience in the healthcare sector, from clinical research to medical communications; experience in Oncology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology and Neurology

  • Specialised in medical communications; peer-review publications, scientific presentations, publication planning.

  • Training: e-learning modules, Writing medical publications for non-native speakers of English, performing scientific

  • Facilitator: mediating advisory boards to build recommendations and guidelines for peer-reviewed publications.

 Valérie Maillard
  • 20 year experience in communications in the healthcare sector, both Pharma and NGOs

  • Experienced facilitator for building bridges between people and activities in transversal projects

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and multicultural  communications (China)

  • Qualitative patient interviews (English and French)

Nicole Hass
  • Experience in developing and implementing patient advocacy, stakeholder engagement and patient centricity

  • Extensive experience in Hemophilia, Immunodeficiencies, Alpha 1 antitrypsin, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathies

  • MBA, University Master in Public Health Administration, Interuniversity Master in Sustainability and CSR,  Currently Ph.D. student from the program “Analysis of social health trends”

  • Qulatative patient interviews  (German and Spanish)