• Nick Hicks

Building Trust With Patient Groups, a Coaching Approach - Libby Robinson

Updated: May 15, 2019

This is the first in a 4-part series. Building and maintaining trust with patient groups and advocates is an essential part of any patient advocacy and engagement programme.

Libby Robinson CEO of Integral Leadership and Coaching, explains why a coaching model is good for Pharma to follow and introduces the four different elements of trust.

Nick Hicks: Hello everybody, and welcome to this issue of If Medicines Could Talk, and I'm delighted to be able to present, Libby Robinson who is going to be our guest presenter today.

Libby Robinson: Sure, thank you so much Nick and thank you for having me on If Medicines Could Talk. Our company Integral Leadership and Coaching works with senior executives in many different industries in leadership, team alignment, executive and team coaching and strategic facilitation.

Libby Robinson: Sure, I think the coaching relationship is the foundation is trust and learning how to create, build, develop and even rebuild trust. So, coaches are really, very skilled at knowing how to develop that both individual and team trust. So I think that, that it's applicable in many, many places, especially, you know, in Pharma or in patient advocacy groups that the conversation there.

Nick Hicks: You've split trust into 4 different elements.

Libby Robinson: Well, I think sometimes, people think of trust as something inherent in a person, like he's either trustable or not trustable. And, we at Integral like to make distinctions. Sort of sub-categories, um, that help people distinguish. A distinction is just to be able to distinguish different pieces of a quite complex and sometimes amorphous conversation about trust. So, the four elements, or distinctions or categories. They're sort of overlapping categories. They're separate. And the four categories are this. I'll give them to you quickly. Competency, reliability, sincerity, and care.

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