• Nick Hicks

Measuring Trust With an App

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

In this the final part of the If Medicines Could Talk, interview with Libby Robinson, we talk about a new App that is being tested to measure trust.

Nick Hicks: Okay. Now, I just want to go back on a point you mentioned a little while earlier, which I think is really, really interesting. Could you explain a little bit more about what you're doing to measure trust?

Libby Robinson: We're in the process of developing a couple of different apps that actually allow people very simply ... You know everyone has a credit score in the United States, a number. Right? So what we're developing is a type of integral trust score that has these four elements of competency, reliability, sincerity, and care, and allows individuals that are connecting with each other and teams that are connected with each other to essentially have an ongoing numerical score and conversation. We also have another app that actually allows, makes it super easy for people to provide feedback and then be able to get the data behind the feedback. You can start to see where trust is ebbing and flowing within teams or companies or individuals.

Nick Hicks: In conclusion, what would you say as sort of a parting comment in the whole area of trust for pharma? Because, you know, the rep of pharma is getting a lot better. Sure, there's been some ... You know, it's gone through some rocky times. There is still work to do, but it is getting better. How would you say, as an outsider, what needs to be addressed in a different way, perhaps, with trust?

Libby Robinson: This is just my opinion, not the truth. I think that the days of globally marketing to a patient, to a particular disease, may be over, that it has to get much more personalized so that every single person that was working within pharma can build trust, knows the signs of when something is broken, and knows how to do that. It's almost like the conversation with patient groups has to get much more personalized.

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