Projects address shared common concerns and are designed using a capacity building approach which creates empowered, energized patient groups & advocates by helping them achieve their own objectives. The premise is simple, when you help a patient group achieve its aims they are in a far better position to help you achieve yours.       



I work closely with you to identify and define the right engagement pathway that advances common concerns of the company and patient group including the touch points for a successful  patient-focused strategy, whatever the life cycle  stage. I ensure that you get alignment of specific company objectives with the engagement programme to develop a strategic & tactical plan to guide your activities.

Don't let your next meeting be "Death By PowerPoint ".My workshops are designed so that they help you get to the critical conversations and decisions in record time. I use a mix of approaches that draw on the world of Film, Creativity and Animation. The style  and implementation tailored to the audience and objectives. My method is built on the premise that the best and most robust strategies result from  co-design and honest collaboration between a company and its different stakeholders, whether patients or internal teams. 



Spoken and written communication skills are essential for success in medicine and science today. Good physicians and scientists also need to be good communicators. This means, being able to present and explain their work to diverse audiences from colleagues to investors to patients. The stakes are high, they need to get the right message across to the right audience.